Better health in schools and Homes,
The purpose of the project is
1.    To replace junk food with health food, nutritional, fruits and vegetables.
2.    To eat more food from our own environments not preserved freeze or fertilizer
3.    To help children and families to understand the benefits of sleeping enough.
4.    Less missing time at the school, Better development of Brain for Better learning for better future.

          With a school Teachers were the project of nutritional value in our foods will be going on.

Data from Tanzania Food and Nutrition Center
1.    Children are spending 12 out of 24 hours in school
2.    All programs aiming to promote child nutrition and health in third world have traditionally been concentrating on fewer than fives and forgot age group 6-14years.
The future social and economic development of the nation depends on the nutrition foundation laid during this period and hence school attendance and performance in class of school children 

Nutrition need of primary school children
1.    Protein – Energy giving food
2.    Minerals and vitamin A,B,C,Iodine and Zink
To build resistance against common infections and support physical growth and development.
                     Together with student.

Nutrition problem facing primary children:
1.    Because of the relationship between nutritional status and academic performance.
2.    Evidence in Tanzania shows that high absenteeism, lack of concentration in class and early dropout are results of short term hunger. About 50%-75% of pupils go to school without breakfast and they do not get any meal during school hours
This results of low body weight and micronutrients, Malnutrition. Deficiencies of iron, Iodine and Vitamin A.

Cornwell Tanzania: Project for better health in schools and families, Health in schools and homes is
1.    To help children understand the values in what is available in our surroundings
2.    To teach economical benefits to avoid parents to give money to the children to buy food at school which wested to buy candies sweets extra.
3.    To identify which kind of food is available and how our children can have access to it.
4.    To teach them the important  of drinking enough clean water every day, and how they can have access to clean water
5.    How to prepare lunch packet if necessary
6.    How to prepare health food at home

Playing with student.
For children to understand how to take care of they own health.
With teachers and parents together build the better future for next generation. Our country will be build with us not anybody from outside the country. And this is starting with
 Better health, better education, better environment will create a better nation.
Cornwell Tanzania Foundation together we will make it. 

My health is my own responsibility.

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